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Heparin Line Automatic assembly

Products to Assemble

Tube diameter 2.5mm cut at length from 300 to 1000mm +/-2.5%, pre-cut tube diameter 4.1mm length 30mm, clamp, female luer lock connector, CAP for LLF, cyclohexane solvent, polyethene tape fixed in circular bundle


Process used for the assembly of heparin line

Movement of pieces through linear transfer, 16 stations, with mechanical guides based on pneumatic technology


Significant techniques for the assembly of heparin line

Double loading of tube holding 4 tubing reels. Dispensing system suitable for cyclohexane, including solvent level check. Bending with cohesive or coated tape, circular bending configuration. Possibility of automatic change of tube and paper  at the end of reel.



Component presence, torque force control on cap assembling, obstruction test, visual inspection of component insertion and position


Productivity of the machine for heparin line automatic assembly

Starting from 1800 pcs/h

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