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Free Pallet Motion System is A UNO TEC own design modular equipment characterized by an independent, flexible and settable movement, based on ILSM - Independent Linear Sinchronous Motors - designed and manufactured by Motor Power Company.

A UNO TEC realizes and installs this revolutionary technology on its own automatic assembly machines, providing its Customers with unprecedented benefits compared to any traditional motion system.

Main Benefits:
  • Customizable length and shape
  • Rise in productivity without affecting machine footprint
  • Process flow optimization
  • Maximization of efficiency in productivity
  • Flexibility for future implementations on the machine
  • Cost cutting thanks to working units reduction

  • Settable acceleration and deceleration rates, ideal for fragile products
  • Customizable motion speed
  • Fast change of setup
  • Easy-low maintenance, compared to traditional mechanical transfer
  • Compatibility with every PLC

Technical characteristics:

  • Curve radius: 212 mm
  • Module length: 500 mm
  • Pallet length: 120 mm
  • Payload: 15 Kg
  • Maximum acceleration: 15 m/s²
  • Maximum speed: 2 m/s (with max load)
  • Maximum deceleration: 15 m/s²
  • Accuracy < 0,1 mm
  • Repeatability < 0,5 mm
  • Feedback: absolute magnetic encoder
  • Integrated RFID technology in any position
  • STO SIL3
  • 230VAC three phases
  • 1,6 A + (1,2 A each linear meter)

More features:
  • Free mobility for one or more carriers;
  • Absolute carriers positioning;
  • Arbitrary system length and carriers number;
  • Individual and synchronized carriers movement;
  • Integrated collision avoidance sensor;
  • Acceleration/deceleration, positioning and constant force over the entire conveyor system;
  • Material transport and processing on curves;
  • No moving cables.

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