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Motion Systems

Control and Testing Systems

  • Air leak or obstruction test
  • Air flow test
  • Insertion with force and speed control
  • Vision systems
  • Camera / X-ray

Tube Handling

  • Cut
  • Banding
  • Coiling
  • Tip forming


Solvent dispensing

Cutting Systems

  • CO2 laser cut
  • Ultrasound cut
  • Cold cut by roller blade

Other Technologies

  • Ultrasonic / Hot Welding
  • Spin Riveting
  • Ink-jet, laser, pad printing marking

Thanks to its great experience in the medical field, A UNO TEC offers a wide range of technologies for the assembly of medical components and tubing handling, providing control and monitoring systems, together with motion and cutting systems.
The software, developed by our engineers, manages and controls each phase of the productive process: it punctually coordinates the control systems by sensors or cameras, allowing a precise solvent dispensing during the different bonding steps; it activates cleaning systems for every single component by ionized air blow, as well as several flow and leak tests, where necessary.
The sophisticated systems for tubing fixing and coiling allow the manufacturing of this delicate material, avoiding scars or deformations even during the most critical phases of connection to rigid plastic components.
A UNO TEC is also specialized in the production of cutting systems for filters, adopting several cutting technologies: mechanical roller blade, ultrasound and laser cut.
The productive process can start from technical materials in reel or sheet. The laser is particularly recommended for this operation, allowing the cutting of filters in different shapes and the edges cauterization, firmly welding them without altering the material structure. click here