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Bandy System - BANDY CUT for tubing cutting

BANDYCUT (Cutting Solution)

BANDY System is a flexible-modular solution based on 4 main working units operating in sequence.

Cutting Unit (BANDYCUT) s the core of the system and manages additional Coiler & Bander (BANDYCCB) and Printer (BANDYPRINT).


In-house tubing cutting is crucial and convenient whenever looking to optimize the production and related costs.

Any cutting machine allows to plan properly the lean production from the early beginning, tuning it quickly up to any possible scenario.

As stand-alone equipment, provided completed with its motorized uncoiler, BANDYCUT can also work in-process on the benchtop (e.g.: tubing cutting for instant manual assembling of components by the operator). In this view it is possible to program sequences in order to get different lengths cyclically.


Working principle:

Uncoiling the tubing from Reels (the Motorized Uncoiler constantly ensures around 2 meters of detensioned-unstressed Tubing).

Cutting the tubing to specific length according to the selected program.

Automatic discharging of the tubes (collecting conveyor belt available as option).


Technical features:

·    Automatic cutting of tubing with outer diameter included in the range 2 - 10 mm *

·    Cutting length adjustable between 10 and 99999 mm *

·    Batch programming and counting of number of pieces per box

·    Cutting speed (e.g.):

- up to 13.200 pcs/h, tube length 30 mm *

- up to 7.920 pcs/h, tube length 300 mm *

- up to 2.160 pcs/h, tube length 1500 mm *

·    Standard blades to pursue cost saving and local findability


* Suitability and performance may change according to tubing specifications to be processed


BANDYCUT is the core of BANDY System, it is possible to add Coiling & Banding unit (BANDYCCB) and Printer (BANDYPRINT) whenever required.

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