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Bandy System - BANDY PRINT for tubing cutting and inkjet / laser printing

BANDYPRINT (Cutting - Printing Solution)

BANDY System is a flexible-modular solution based on 4 main working units operating in sequence.

Cutting Unit (BANDYCUT) is the core of the system and manages additional Coiler & Bander (BANDYCCB) and Printer (BANDYPRINT).

Marking the tubing is required when producing catheters and drainage and suction devices.

Moreover, any customization could be smart looking to highlight products over the market from competitors as well as for adding information such as production data, expiration date, etc.



Working principle:

Tubing uncoiling from Reels (the Motorized Uncoiler constantly ensures about 2 meters of detensioned-unstressed Tubing).

Tubing printing with text synchronization according to length to cut.

Tubing cutting as per selected program.

Tubes automatic discharging (collecting conveyor belt available as option).


Main printing features:

·      Quick dry to allow instant handling and processing

·      Constant accuracy and print quality over time

·      Dedicated built-in Touchscreen offering easy-to-understand icons graphics menu with “WYSIWYG” view print messages. 48 messages message storage capacity (Option: up to 1,000 messages, depending on data content)

·      Nozzle size 65 µm

·      Up to 120 characters maximum number of print characters (Option: up to 1,000 characters) *

·      Character height 2-10 mm *

·      Printing of standard alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9), symbols, including barcodes *

·      Print function such as Calendar, Count, Font mixture, Password security, etc. *

·      Simplicity of operations, the operator finds everything at hand and accessible: ink and solvent tanks, parts subject to preventive maintenance


Technical cutting features:

·    Automatic cutting of tubing with outer diameter included in the range 2 - 10 mm *

·    Cutting length adjustable between 10 and 99999 mm *

·    Batch programming and counting of number of pieces per box

·    Cutting speed (e.g.):

- up to 13.200 pcs/h, tube length 30 mm *

- up to 7.920 pcs/h, tube length 300 mm *

- up to 2.160 pcs/h, tube length 1500 mm *

·    Standard blades to pursue cost saving and local findability



* Suitability and performance may change according to tubing and text specifications to be processed.



BANDYPRINT can also work just as Cutting Equipment (BANDYCUT), without printing.

It is possible to add the Coiling and Banding unit (BANDYCCB) whenever required.


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