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Bandy System - CCB MAXI for tubing cutting, coiling and banding

BANDYCCB Maxi (Cutting - Coiling - Banding Solution)

BANDY System is a flexible-modular solution based on 4 main working units operating in sequence.

Cutting Unit (BANDYCUT) is the core of the system and manages additional Coiler & Bander (BANDYCCB) and Printer (BANDYPRINT).

Coils are convenient when moved and handled in clean room for any process, including packaging purpose.

Moreover cohesive tape wrapping is easy and safe to be removed whenever required.

BANDYCCB is highly indicated to improve productivity and quality of sub-assemblies which are part of infusion sets, heparin and extension lines, etc.

Tubing length, coil diameter, free tubing ends length, tape position and coil configuration can be programmed and adjusted.

BANDYCCB MAXI can process tubing of different elastomers with external diameter up to 10.0 mm and fasten coils with 1/2” (13 mm) or 1” (25 mm) width medical grade cohesive tape (with Latex or Latex-free).

For small tubing and coils please also check smart-compact BANDYCCB Mini.


Working principle:

Tubing uncoiling from Reels (the Motorized Uncoiler constantly ensures around 2 meters of detensioned-unstressed Tubing).

Tubing cutting and coiling according to the selected program.

Coil banding (with no. 1 or no. 2 pieces of cohesive tape) according to the specifications required.

Coils automatic discharging (conveyor belt available as option).


Technical Features:

·         Suitable with tubing OD included in the range 2 - 10 mm *

·         Tubing length to be coiled adjustable in the range 500 - 8000 mm (depending on tubing OD and coil ID) *

·         Coil dimensions: adjustable ID in the range 75 – 150 mm *

·         Nominal productivity 530 pcs/h ** (according to tubing OD 4.1 mm, tube length 1500 mm), single as well as simultaneous-double fastening

·         Cohesive paper width 1/2" or 1” (13 or 25 mm), 3 fastening configurations available (shape: “C” with 2 tapes, “T” with 1 or 2 tapes)

·         Setting of parameters via touch screen display of the cutting unit

·         Quick-lock-release system for connection to the cutting unit



* General info provided, since the working range is bound to the specification of both tubing and final coil.

** Productivity changes according to tube length and fastening configuration.



BANDYCCB MAXI can work as stand-alone Cutting Equipment.
Quick-lock-release system allows to unplug (and plug) the Banding & Coiling unit safely and easily.

Moreover, it is possible to add the Printer (BANDYPRINT) whenever required.

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