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How to choose the best motion system for your automation


In the medical disposables assembly machine field, it is essential to choose the right motion system, suitable to the type of component to be handled inside the machine.

In the world of design and realization of automatic machines for the assembly of medical products and components, some companies look for standard equipment, while others look for customized equipment.

Which is the best motion system? The answer is “it depends!” From what? From each specific production need. Product type and productivity are key factors in the choice of primary motion technology on automatic assembly machines.

Let’s compare the main primary motion systems on the market.

Rotary tables are the ideal option for

  • Products with a limited number of pieces to assemble
  • High productivity

Linear transfer is the ideal option for

  • Products with a relevant number of pieces to assemble
  • Products with medium-large-sized components

The configuration characterizing this technology allows more accessible areas for maintenance compared to rotary tables.

A valuable alternative to linear transfer is constituted by magnetic transfer, a motion system based on free pallets and characterized by an independent, flexible and settable movement.

Among the main benefits of this innovating technology, we find customizable length and shape, rise in productivity without affecting machine footprint, process flow optimization and cost cutting thanks to working units’ reduction.

Also, free pallet motion system allows to settle acceleration and deceleration rates, which makes it ideal for fragile products, as well as a fast change of setup.

Additional motion technologies are represented by mechanical or pneumatic cams and robots.

If you are looking for the right partner to choose your automatic machine and the most suitable motion technology for your product, contact us now.

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